Sales Report

Sales report page generates three types of report. 


  1. Sales Table: Show the number of ticket sold and the total income generated from sales
  2. Tickets Sold Table: Show the number of tickets sold per day
  3. Tickets Sold Chart: Graphical representation of the tickets sold per day

You can export the table view data in the following formats:


  • Excel 
  • CSV
  • PDF

You can also print and copy the data from the table view

Sales table view is updated at irregular intervals throughout the day, the last updated time will be displayed above the table.  


Tickets sold table and chart are updated live. 

Custom Fields
The Label will appear beside the field where the user will enter their data. The Label guides the user as to the type of information you wish to collect
If required, please enter additional information regarding the collection type for users information
Please enter the type of information to be collected.
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