This is how Eventik Works

Take the hassle out of selling tickets

Follow our simple steps to list your next event

1. Sign in or Create an account

Before you can host an event through Eventik, you must have an account with us, by creating an account or signing into your exisitng account, you will be able to host an event 

2. Edit Event Details

Create Event page allows you to fill in the required information and add either paid or free ticket to your event.  

3. Submit Event Listing

If you are happy with the preiview of your event page. you can click on the submit listing button to publish your event on the platform

4. Attendee Transactions

Once you share the link, attendees can start purchasing tickets to your event from the set ticket sale start date.

5. Manage your Dashboard

My Dashboard page is where you can manage all your Events, Organisers, Venues and Registrations. 

6. Get Paid

Once the event is completed the registration income will be automatically paid to your nominated bank account


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