Kerala Friends Club Northwest

Kerala Friends Club Northwest (KFC) is the pre-eminent organisation for Malayalees (Malayalam-speaking people from the Southern Indian state of Kerala) in the North West of Sydney area serving them for more than 10 years. It has served as the bedrock for all types of arts, cultural and literary activities for Keralites in this area. Many outstanding individuals and leaders in the community have been associated with this association in a variety of roles and capacities. Its defining identity is its existence as a stepping stone for many aspiring artists and leaders in the community.

KFC is a registered non-profit organisation and provides a forum for its members to meet and exchange views and foster a spirit of friendship, goodwill and understanding. The primary and distinguishing purpose of a cultural heritage organisation like KFC is to bind the community together by promoting and preserving its identity, traditions, and values. KFC is a leader in building bridges between various cultural groups and the larger community. KFC is committed to serving the community through its far-reaching programs and endeavours.

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