Set up your event details

  1. Log in or create a new account and then click on Host An Event
  2. Enter the following information
    • Event Title – name of your event 
    •  Event Type & Category – genre of the event 
    • Online Event – whether the event is conducted online
    • Event location – Address of the location
    • Event banner – A image that is potrays the theme. Must be a JPEG or PNG no larger than 10MB. Images with at least 2160 x 1080px (a 2:1 ratio) work best.
    • Description – Write the most important details of your event 
    • Registration email: Email of organiser
    • Event Start and End date and time 
    • Registration Deadline  – Last date to register for the event
    • Event capacity – Total number of attendees allowed
    • Attendee Infomration Collection type – ‘Buyer Only’ or ‘Each Attendee. Whether to collect information of the buyer or each attendee of the ticket
    • Attendee Information to Collect –  Select from predefined options. If you require custom options, contact us

Set up your tickets

You can add paid ticket by clicking on the ‘+’ icon which will allow you to add a single ticket type. You can add multiple ticket ticket types by clicking on the ‘+’ icon. 

You can configure the options below for your paid tickets 

Ticket details:

  • Ticket Name – Clear Unique name
  • Ticket Quantity – Number of tickets allocated for this ticket type
  • Ticket Price ($) – Price for the ticket type
  • Ticket Sales Start Date
  • Ticket Sales Start Time
  • Ticket Sales End Date
  • Ticket Sales End Time

Ticket settings:

  • Ticket Description (option to make it visible on event page) – Details regarding the ticket type
  • Fees Pay By (Public or Organiser) – Who should pay the Eventik purchase fees
  • Ticket Visiblity (Public or Private) – Whether ticket is hidden from public or not
  • Minimum Tickets (allowed per oder)
  • Maximum Tickets (allowed per order)
  • Show Remaining Tickets
  • Sold Tickets Individually – One ticket per customer
  • Ticket priority – The number you place will determine the position of the ticket type. ‘1’ will mean the ticket will be on top of the list of all ticket types
Custom Fields
The Label will appear beside the field where the user will enter their data. The Label guides the user as to the type of information you wish to collect
If required, please enter additional information regarding the collection type for users information
Please enter the type of information to be collected.
Request more user accesss

Get secure access to your own mobile app

In order to check-in and for reporting purposes, we give each users separate access credentials depending on your preferences

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Issue an attendee(s) a refund for their original ticket price
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