Set up your event details

  1. Log in or create a new account and then click on Host An Event
  2. Enter the following information
    • Event Title – name of your event 
    •  Event Type & Category – genre of the event 
    • Online Event – whether the event is conducted online
    • Event location – Address of the location
    • Event banner – A image that is potrays the theme. Must be a JPEG or PNG no larger than 10MB. Images with at least 2160 x 1080px (a 2:1 ratio) work best.
    • Description – Write the most important details of your event 
    • Registration email: Email of organiser
    • Event Start and End date and time 
    • Registration Deadline  – Last date to register for the event
    • Event capacity – Total number of attendees allowed
    • Attendee Infomration Collection type – ‘Buyer Only’ or ‘Each Attendee. Whether to collect information of the buyer or each attendee of the ticket
    • Attendee Information to Collect –  Select from predefined options. If you require custom options, contact us

Set up your tickets

You can add paid ticket by clicking on the ‘+’ icon which will allow you to add a single ticket type. You can add multiple ticket ticket types by clicking on the ‘+’ icon. 

You can configure the options below for your paid tickets 

Ticket details:

  • Ticket Name – Clear Unique name
  • Ticket Quantity – Number of tickets allocated for this ticket type
  • Ticket Price ($) – Price for the ticket type
  • Ticket Sales Start Date
  • Ticket Sales Start Time
  • Ticket Sales End Date
  • Ticket Sales End Time

Ticket settings:

  • Ticket Description (option to make it visible on event page) – Details regarding the ticket type
  • Fees Pay By (Public or Organiser) – Who should pay the Eventik purchase fees
  • Ticket Visiblity (Public or Private) – Whether ticket is hidden from public or not
  • Minimum Tickets (allowed per oder)
  • Maximum Tickets