How do I add bank details?

You can update or enter new bank details to receive payout by visitng Bank Account page.


Bank Account can be updated as many times as required However the latest details will be used to send the payout.


Make sure to have the correct bank account details before event expiry or any early payouts. 


How do I request early payout?

You can request an early payout before event expiry. Visit Request Payout page to submit an early payout. 


Payout can only be taken out from received fund. 


Payout can be requested by entering:

  • Transfer Request Amount – Amount to be paid to nominated bank account
  • Reference  – Name for transfer.


When will money arrive in my account?

Funds are by default transferred 5 days after event end date, this is so that any refunds can be settled within the timeframe. 


Any fund tranfer will take upto 5-10 business days to arrive in your nominated bank account.

What bank account would you like to be paid into?