Mobile App

Where can I download the mobile app to manage my event?

You can download the mobile app called WP Event Manger from either Google Play Store or App Store.


Eventik Partners with WP Event Manger to provide the best event management tool. 

Is using the mobile app safe?

WP Event Manager is used by many organisations around the world to manage events in a safe and efficent way. 


For our users peace of mind, we don’t store any user or event data locally within the app but is stored in our Australian data centres according to the  Australian rules and regulations. 

Where do I find the credentials to log into the Mobile App?

Each organiser by default will have access to the mobile app using their uniquely generated access code. 


The credentials can be found by visiting the Mobile App Access page. 


The credentials inlcude:


API key: this is unique to each organiser so they can only access their own data.


Why would I need additional credentials?

If you have multiple check-in locations, each device used for check-in would require unique access credentials. For reporting purposes credentials cannot be shared during check-in.


Give team members access with unique permissions.

    • Read permission enables to view registrations and status.
    • Write permission enables to read, check-in and edit registrations.

What are the features in the mobile app?

The following features are available to all users of the mobile app. 


Dashboard overview of current and past events. 


By clicking on the event you would like to manage, you will be able to see overview of the tickets sold


The attendee tab shows all the registered attendees and their registrations status. Within the tab you can filter attendees according to whether they are checked in or not



Guest List tab show the guest list created by the organiser


Order tab shows all the orders created.


Arrivals tab shows all the checked in attendees for all the event or attendees checked in using this specific device

How do I check in attendees using the app?

Attendee data and check in status are synchronised real-time between all devices and web dashboard

Login into the app using the url & api key credentials


1. Name your device


2. Click on the event you would like to check in the attendees.


3. Click on the attendees tab


4. Either swipe right to check in without scanning the ticket or click on the QR camera icon on the top right of the screen to scan tickets and check in.

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