A personalised solution for event ticketing

Sell more tickets.

Simplify event ticketing with a fully customisable, user intuitive platform with 24/7 local support

Direct Support

We provide 24/7 local support based in Australia at no extra cost and provide complete assistance every step of the way; from beginning to completion of the event

Mobile App

All organiser accounts come with an access to mobile app, so that you can view your event registrations on the go and check in your attendees on the day

Affordable Pricing

We provide market best pricing so that you can easily plan your next event, whatever the budget may be

Zoom Integration

Seamlessly integrate zoom accounts, create and manage meetings & webinars, highlight events as virtual, track reports and control users directly from dashboard.

Eventik in numbers.

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They trust us.

Newcastle Hunters

Looking for a ticketing system for one of the sports events that we co-ordinated, we came to hear about Eventik, and decided to give it a try. It turned out to be one of the best decisions that we made.......Will go for Eventik again without a doubt. A highly recommended ticketing system

SMYM South Brisbane

Enjoyed using the service along with its app. Made checking in and counting the number of people so much easier than traditional methods and had excellent support from staff.


Custom Fields
The Label will appear beside the field where the user will enter their data. The Label guides the user as to the type of information you wish to collect
If required, please enter additional information regarding the collection type for users information
Please enter the type of information to be collected.
Request more user accesss

Get secure access to your own mobile app

In order to check-in and for reporting purposes, we give each users separate access credentials depending on your preferences

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Issue Refund
Issue an attendee(s) a refund for their original ticket price
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